The issues faced by male victims of domestic violence is grossly misunderstood and grossly under reported.  Published figures show that female victims of domestic violence*1 is roughly one in four. Most people estimate that the figure for male victims is something like one in fifty, the reality is that the true figure*2 is as high as one in six.


*1 – Figures reported by Humberside Police.  The figutres were gathered in line with Home Office guidelines.
*2 – Fgiures published by Home Office.
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No Shame seeks to help male victims of domestic violence in the Kingston upon Hull area. One of the biggest issues faced by victims is that of feeling shame at what has happened to them.  The No Shame programme starts with the following concepts. that there is No Shame in:

  • ending the violence
  • seeking change
  • being yourself
  • seeking help

No Shame is funded entirely by voluntary donations.

We work with people who are attending court under the remit of social services.

No Shame works with victims and perpetrators on a 1-2-1 basis, group sessions, other treatments in order to help victims and perpetrators recognise the pattern of the behaviours that lead to abuse.  The first step in ending the abuse is recognising it and changing the learned patterns of behaviour.

Some facts about domestic abuse aimed at men:

  • It is far more prevalent than people think, as many as 1 in 6 men are victims of domestic abuse.
  • There is little or no funding for male victims support groups.
  • it is massively under reported with the Police.
  • There is no link between socioeconomic groups to the incidence or perpetration of domestic violence against men.
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Male Support Servces runs as an offshoot of Therapy Services UK.

Therapy Services UK are a Registered Charity (Number 1116568)

Male Support Services can be contacted at:

1-3 New George Street,
HU2 8AX.

Telephone: 01482 580060
Email: mss.hey@outlook.com



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Support for male victims of domestic violence is very sparse across the country, to that end here are some details of the excellent work done by other organisations*.


The Mankind Initiative, based in Somerset, provide much relevant information  about the issues of Male Domestic Violence, for instance, this link details 30 facts of which you might be unaware: 30 Key Facts – Males Victims of domestic and partner violence

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